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Welcome to Inner Sydney Montessori School. We provide authentic, quality Montessori education for children from birth to 12 years old in Sydney’s inner west.

Drawing on the educational theories of Dr Maria Montessori, ISMS helps children achieve their maximum potential by harnessing their natural need and desire to learn. The Montessori approach nurtures a love for learning and helps children become happy, confident and self-motivated.

Inner Sydney Montessori School, at Balmain, follows the Montessori methodology and also meets the expectations of the NSW Board of Studies curriculum (K-6), and the new national curriculum for Primary children.  Together, the Montessori curriculum combined with the conventional Australian national curriculum, provide an attractive and immensely thorough education for inner Sydney boys and girls.

We hope this website answers your questions about ISMS and the benefits of a Montessori education.  If you are thinking of ISMS for your child, we invite you to attend one of our regular school tours and information evenings. If you have any specific questions you’d like addressed, please contact us directly.

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School and PTP dates 2015

Term One - Wednesday 28th January to Thursday 2nd April 

Term Two - Tuesday 21st April to Friday 19th June 

Term Three - Monday 13th July to Thursday 17th September 

Term Four - Tuesday 6th October to Thursday 10th December 

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