Infant Community Programs

Two infant community children sitting at lunch table.

Enrolment in the Infant Community program is separate to wait listing for the Stage 1 – 3 (3 to 12 years) program. To wait list a child for Pre and Primary, attendance at a tour is required along with the corresponding application fee.

Please complete the Infant Community Wait List Booking Form to wait list for the Infant Community.

There is no charge to wait list for the Infant Community programs.

Placement Priority

Infant Community programs are offered on a term-by-term basis. Offers are made via email to the nominated parent and include a direct booking link to pay and confirm a place. First time offers are made to children under 2.5 years of age as a minimum of six months of the program is necessary to optimise outcomes. On occasion a Transition to Stage 1 place (term prior to starting Stage 1) is offered to children over 2.5 years if they’ve been offered a Stage 1 placement but have not attended the Infant Community previously.

Current Infant Community families are provided the opportunity to re-enrol in the same age-group program for the following term.  After that, offers are made to families moving up an age group, who are already enrolled. Once that process is complete any remaining vacancies are offered to wait list families, firstly to siblings of current Stage 1 – 3 families.

We encourage families to wait list early and enrol in the Infant Community programs, if at all possible, if considering placement for Pre and Primary. 

Places are limited and we are often unable to meet demand for the Infant Community for children wait listing after 18 months of age. Joining the program at pregnancy or before 15 months (Nido Transition start age) provides priority entry to the 18 month to three year course – the Parent Toddler Program.

See How to Enrol  for further details regarding wait listing and enrolments in all programs at ISMS.