Primary School

Primary School Program

Through an integral balance between freedom and responsibility, the children learn to become physically, intellectually and socially autonomous within their learning environment. 

A Director’s comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of children from 6 – 12 years informs the set-up of a carefully prepared environment, facilitating the tuition of core curriculum categorised as Mathematics and Geometry; Language and Literacy; Geography and Science; History; Creative Arts; and support of Community.

“My 3 children all attended ISMS from age 3 through to 12 years. The dedication and excellence of the teaching staff was always exemplary and the quality of education provided outstanding. All 3 children subsequently transitioned smoothly to various High Schools with zero fuss or issues. It is a wonderful school community and I would recommend you visit, experience and understand the benefits a Montessori education can provide at this school.”

Andrew Duff

Prepared Environment

All Montessori materials are developmentally appropriate for the children in each age group and have been designed to meet the intellectual and social needs of children in the Stage age group, in this case children between 6 – 12 years of age.

Two adults are available to support the child’s learning. One Director (a trained teacher) delivers presentations, while the Assistant (a second adult) acts as a support to the Director and the children.

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Lessons and Materials

Are designed for repetition with variety, allowing the children to repeat concepts and understandings in a diversity of ways.

Support collaboration and group work, which encourage social interactions and encourage peer learning.

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Learning Spaces

Are arranged to allow children to move freely within the room, selecting materials and work spaces to suit their needs.

Offer a variety of areas enabling children to work at individual desks, in pairs, in small groups or on mats on the floor to suit their physical needs.

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The Montessori Curriculum integrates all subjects and concepts taught within the New South Wales Curriculum, and also extends children beyond these concepts. 

– Mathematics 

– Geometry 

– Language 

– History 

– Science and Geography 

– -Creative Arts (Music/Visual Arts/Drama/Dance) 

– PD/H/PE 

– Grace and Courtesy

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”. Hands-on learning is a form of experiential learning and is supported in our Montessori classrooms.

Each Montessori lesson utilises a hands-on/concrete or visual material to present children with a new concept. It also gives an invitation for exploration/investigation within the child’s physical environment, or is accompanied by a story which activates the child’s imagination and reasoning mind, allowing for a connection to be made to the child’s own experience.

The child is not a passive receiver of content and information, but a fully active participant engaging in learning through their own will and collaboration with others.


ISMS offers a range of co-curricular activities that happen before school, during lunch times and after-school.

These include Art club, junior and senior choir, training and concert band, Drama, Robotics and Mandarin. The school also allows its facilities to be used after school by music tutors offering lessons on a wide range of instruments.

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Before and After school care

ISMS operates in-house staffed Before, After and Holiday Care programs to support families with a need for high-quality care outside of the dedicated school hours. Care can be booked on a permanent or casual basis. The programs are government approved Child Care Services so parents may be eligible to claim a Child Care Rebate from Centrelink for the fees for these services.

Before and After school care

“We love this school, and the warm supportive environment which nurtures our girls and focuses on building good humans who care about others and their environment. The teachers are absolutely brilliant, so dedicated and thoughtful about their work and really devoted to the children. I would highly recommend the Montessori system to anyone considering it for their children.

Laura Duesbury

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Learn how our we transition our students seamlessly into their Secondary education.

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