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Parent & Child Programs

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Primary School

Give your child the ISMS advantage

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Be Immersed. Be Inspired. Be Yourself

All Day Montessori Programs

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Parent & Child 0-26 Months

The greatness of the human potential begins at the hour of birth.

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Transition to Preschool 26-36 Months

Supporting children's growing independence

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Preschool 2 - 6 Years old

Children aged two to six are sensorial explorers.

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Primary School K - Year 6

Children aged six to twelve years are concrete intellectual explorers.

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Prepared Environment


We foster a prepared environment that stimulates the students’ curiosity and facilitates the development of critical and creative thinking, curiosity, concentration and independence so that the children feel empowered to learn at their own pace and develop confidence in themselves as problem solvers and lifelong learners.


A Sense Of Self


We foster opportunities for our students to develop the self-discipline and self-acceptance to not only achieve their personal goals, but become valued members of their community and indeed the world. 



Lifelong Learners 


We foster opportunities for our students to reach their full potential and become lifelong learners through individualised programs which not only recognise, but value the students individuality, their strengths and their needs.





We foster opportunities for our families to actively engage in our community and the education of their children. We support parents through events and educational sessions to incorporate Montessori in their homelife.


Multi-faceted educational pillars

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning allows the children to engage in self-directed activities, hands-on experiences, movement and exploration within and beyond the classroom.

Autonomous Learning

Through an integral balance between freedom and responsibility, the children learn to become physically, intellectually and socially autonomous within their learning environment.

Collaborative Learning

A multi-aged classroom facilitates peer teaching and learning, observation of others and daily opportunities for children to share intellectual interests and learning experiences.

Joyful Learning

A life long love of learning can be nurtured through a joyful experience of education. Learning which is engaging, challenging and encourages children to joyfully seek knowledge and understanding of the world they live in.