Development Progression

Montessori music class singing.

Montessori education follows children through the Four Planes (phases) of Development.

Dr Maria Montessori identified four key stages of an individual’s social, emotional and intellectual development from birth to 24 years of age.

Throughout each Stage, each individual has different characteristics, needs, sensitivities, strengths and potentials for independent learning.

Four Planes of Development from birth to 24.

In a Montessori school, each classroom environment is carefully prepared to appeal to the tendencies and characteristics of the children who are learning within it.

The structure and content of the lessons are also specifically designed to engage the children at their unique stage of development. In this way, a Montessori classroom (also known as the prepared environment) not only supports the intellectual potentials of each child, but also their social and emotional growth, during each phase of their development.

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