Library Wrap up

Opening Ceremony of Ngarabanyi

During Book Week this year we were fortunate to have Hayley from Wandana Aboriginal Education conduct the official opening and naming of our Library and provide us with a traditional sweeping ceremony. The new name is NGARABANYI which means ‘we all will hear, think, listen, understand’. In order to pronounce it correctly, try saying the NG as you would in ‘singing’.

Classes and Statistics

Each week, the Extended Day and Primary students have had an allocated time slot to come to the library as a class to enjoy the space, relax and select books to borrow and take home.

Checkouts for the year has exceeded 1,800

Total number of books in Ngarabanyi: 6,300

Total of new books purchased or donated in 2022: 1,314

Scholastic Book Club

Thank you to everyone who has ordered from the Scholastic Book Club this year. The children are always very excited to receive their orders. We do receive some funds from your purchases which we can use at Scholastic in order to buy more resources for our staff and library.

In Term 4, we held our first Book Swap and all proceeds were donated to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Children and adults had the opportunity to look through hundreds and hundreds of pre-loved books, which ranged from preschool to adult, and were able to buy a book with a gold coin donation. The Lilyfield students and families also participated by holding their own book swap at the Lilyfield campus. The total raised was $1071 !!!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Book Swap event!