The Inner Sydney Montessori School is owned and operated by the Inner Sydney Montessori Association (ISMA), a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. The parents who originally founded the school in 1981 established the company and the present members of ISMA are mainly current school parents.

School Council

The School Council provides the overall governance of the School, including oversight of strategic, policy, corporate and financial matters.

The Council delegates to the Principal responsibility for the day-to-day management and operation of the School and its education activities in accordance with the School’s strategic plan, Montessori principles and values, and policies approved by the School Council.

The Principal guides the School Council on, and is primarily responsible for, educational policies and all matters relating to students, staff and the teaching, interpretation and application of the Montessori philosophy and method.

Our Constitution

The ISMA Constitution sets out the objects of the company and, together with the ISMA Rules, contains provisions regarding membership, general meetings, voting, the appointment and removal of directors, the powers and duties of directors, audits, accounts and other matters.

The School Council meets once a month and an annual general meeting (AGM) is usually held in May, when the School’s financial statements are tabled for adoption. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the AGM as matters important to the School’s future are often discussed.

The membership fee is $90 per year. Members receive the financial statements for the company and the School’s annual report and may vote at the AGM.

School Council Membership

School Council members are professionals in their own fields and collectively have the expertise to provide comprehensive governance of the School. Skillsets of the members include corporate governance, education policy, law, marketing, public relations, human resources, finance, accounting, property and risk management. The School Council members undertake their duties on a voluntary basis, which is a legislative requirement.

Directors are elected by the ISMA membership plus two non-voting members – the Principal and Business Manager. The School Council may appoint casual members to fill vacant positions until the next general meeting of members.

Should you be interested in joining the School Council, please contact our Business Manager to arrange a discussion with the School Council President.

Currently, the School Council is comprised of:

School Council TitleMember
PresidentPaul Marriott
DirectorTara Taylor
DirectorGreg Anderson
DirectorDale Anthony
DirectorMargaret Rooks
DirectorAlexander Kuprasov
DirectorYan Kruger
DirectorJason Zhang