Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to be known as a centre for excellence in teaching and learning; widely recognised as a leading Australian Montessori school; financially stable and secure for the long term; and a significant contributor to education in Australia and throughout the Montessori world.

Our Values

Acceptance: acknowledging and understanding others’ differences.

Accountability: taking personal responsibility for actions.

Courtesy: valuing ourselves and treating others and the environment with consideration and respect.

Excellence: seeking to accomplish one’s best.

Fairness: acting in a manner which is socially just and protects the rights and privileges of all.

Grace: conducting ourselves with dignity and sincerity.

Integrity: living in accordance with the principles of moral and ethical conduct.

Service: recognising and responding to the needs of others as an individual in a local and global community.

Strategic Pathway

To achieve our vision the School Council has identified six strategic pathways for focus in the next three years:

  • Education
  • Team
  • Facilities
  • Communications
  • Growth and Stability
  • Community and Brand