Stage 2 Montessori Sydney teacher and children

ISMS is a fully accredited Early Childhood Centre and Primary School. ISMS meets all regulatory requirements imposed by Local, State and Federal Governments. These relate to Health and Safety, work practices, buildings, employment and education standards.

In specific education terms, the Early Childhood programs and out of hours programs are routinely subject to the Australian Children’s Education and Care Authority (ACECQA) inspections as well as local Council Health and Safety checks. ISMS is compliant to the highest standard. Every five years, ISMS Primary School classes are subjected to thorough inspections of programs, teaching outcomes and classroom practices. The most recent inspection by BOSTES (now National Education Standards Authority – NESA) was in 2015 and ISMS was approved to the highest standard.

In essence, this means that students at ISMS are provided with all the same outcomes as those children attending mainstream Government and Non-Government schools.


Importantly, ISMS is unique in its quality delivery of Montessori education. An additional overlay of accreditation occurs annually through the Montessori Quality Assurance Program (MQAP). Introduced in 2015, ISMS was a pilot school for Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF), initiating and managing this Program. ISMS has always been approved at the highest quality standard of Montessori philosophy and practice through the highly regarded MQAP.