Parent Seminars

Parent at Montessori Seminar.

Enrolment at ISMS constitutes a family commitment to the School and pedagogy. Although the approach supports the growing independence of the children, the family members are integral to the community and have frequent relevant interactions.

A fundamental component of the School’s delivery is to support parents and carers in understanding the application of Montessori at School and complementing the delivery outside of School. The social and emotional development of the children is given equal attention. This emphasis on the ‘whole’ child and his or her uniqueness is the essence of the Montessori education offered at ISMS and the support of this approach needs to extend to all aspects of the child’s life.

Keeping You Informed

ISMS keeps in touch with parents through this website, a fortnightly newsletter, an app and an intranet site. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice-a-year and can be organised at other times in consultation with the class teacher.

Parents are also invited to observe in their child’s class twice per year; and Stage 1 parents of extended day (Kindergarten) children have the opportunity to work in class with their child for at least one afternoon per year.

Parent Education

The school holds regular information evenings for parents – at least one each term. These focus on specific age groups and cover either an area of the curriculum or broader topics which are pertinent to School and home life, such as freedom and responsibility. This is a great way to learn about the Montessori approach to education and get to know the teachers better, while providing a forum for questions and discussion. Details, handouts and recommended reading associated with recent information nights are available.

Most events are hosted by the School free of charge. On occasion the School may host a distinguished guest or expert at small charge.

Upcoming Events

Event enquiries should be directed to  [email protected]