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Fees are set annually for all children in the School, with discounts available for younger siblings.

Fees for Stages 1 – 3 are due and payable according to a payment plan that is agreed between the family and the School.

As our Preschool program is an Approved Child Care Service, some families of Pre Primary children may be eligible for government subsidies through Centrelink.

School fees are determined annually by the School Council, considering:

  • Inner Sydney Montessori Association’s (ISMA’s) status as a non-profit organisation
  • Compliance with government funding and other regulatory requirement
  • The financial needs of the School
  • Application and enrolment levels
  • Other relevant criteria.

The School Council also determines the conditions that apply to fees including interest charged in relation to late payment, discounts, prepayment arrangements and other similar conditions.

Fees 2024

Our Fee Schedule and Memorandum of Conditions are listed below:

2024 Schedule of Fees


Edstart Credit Services

Edstart is an alternative payment option to assist families manage their School fee payments by extending payments over a longer period. Edstart services includes Edstart Pay and Edstart Extend.

Please visit Edstart or refer to Edstart School Fee Program for further information.

Please note, in providing information about Edstart, we do not provide any recommendations, brokering or advice services. We do not receive referral fees, commissions or other remuneration from Edstart.

Pricing and Refund Policies

Pricing Policy The price for all goods and services are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST where applicable. All transactions are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST where applicable.
Fee Refund Policy Tuition Fees are not generally refunded in full unless a term’s notice in writing is given to the Principal. Where this notice has not been received, a fee equivalent to one term’s fees in lieu of notice will be charged.
General Refund Policy For matters relating to refunds, please email [email protected] or phone (02) 9555 7803.