School Bus Authorisation Form

School Bus Authorisation Form

Your child’s safety is imperative to us, therefore we require written authority for your child to transfer between our two campuses (Balmain and Lilyfield) in the ISMS provided School bus service.

The School bus complies with requirements for seatbelts or safety restraints under the relevant NSW law, in which the children are being transported. Furthermore, it has a First Aid kit (including EpiPen Jnr and Ventolin inhaler), driver with a current First Aid certificate, fire extinguisher and on-board camera.

During each daily bus run, at least one staff member will accompany and supervise the children alongside the designated and approved bus driver.

The School has conducted a Risk Assessment for the safe transportation of students, which includes the intended route. This is available to view along with the School’s Bus Travel and Transport Policy.

This permission is to be renewed at the commencement of each new School year, as per current government regulations. Permission is in place unless revoked through written authorisation. Regular use of the service entails use of the bus service throughout the year. Casual use of the service entails one off use of service and will require permission each trip.