Montessori 6 – 12 AMI Assistants Certificate Course

The next Montessori 6-12 AMI Assistants Certificate Course, is on July-September 2017.

After the success of two courses run by Director of Training, Rebecca Dallam, the 6-12 AMI Assistants Certificate Course will be presented again in Sydney. The course runs from 29th July 2017 to 17th September 2017 at Cameragal Montessori School (Primary Campus) Old School Hall, 12 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW  2060.

This course is intended to provide an introduction to the philosophy and practice of the Montessori approach. A variety of teaching methods are used including lectures, group presentations and discussions. You will learn the importance of observation and will be given opportunities to practise this with any child in any setting.

Assessment for the Certificate is based on essays and course work assignments and you will receive a diploma once course work is complete. This qualifies the student to work as a classroom Assistant. It is also a useful stepping stone to the AMI Montessori Diploma and is invaluable for parents.

Here is a testimonial from a recent attendee:

“First and foremost, I undertook the course to give myself an overview of my child’s primary aged education (from 6 -12 years), how they learn and whether I could glean any tips on how to support my child’s learning at school. What I did not anticipate was taking away a more holistic understanding of Maria Montessori’s science of peace vision i.e. the child’s ability to become a physically strong adult who has an ability to act independently in the future society; to make it a better place for everyone.  

The role of the adult (whether as Assistant in the classroom or home) is to benefit children so that they are invested in what they are doing, so that by the end of six years the beginnings of a developing morality, intellectual life, responsibility for their learning, for others and the environment are glimpsed. This translates into the practical support the adult can give to habituate the child to observe and seek out answers for themselves and to uphold modelling, providing a consistency in approach to grace and courtesy, care for the environment, modelling social cohesion to children in a socially cohesive way to make the class and home successful over time.  

If any of this resonates with you, I recommend you take up what is a unique opportunity to study with the AMI diploma trainer and a current 6 -9 Montessori guide, as for me personally it a valuable investment of time and money and really helpful to parenting.”  

Details and application form can be found at Montessori Studies.