New ISMS Website

It is with great excitement that our new ISMS website has finally been launched. It has been a long journey from the initial brief to finally going live and it has involved the work of many ISMS staff and volunteers. In these last few months a huge effort has been put in by our ISMS team to create, organise and edit content that will meet the needs and answer the questions of existing and prospective parents.

Huge thanks, in particular, goes to Rebecca Khoury for developing the Montessori content. She has managed to bring together many sophisticated concepts and communicate them clearly and succinctly.

Many thanks also go to Phu Tang and Ellen Edele for so beautifully capturing the essence of our unique Montessori environment through the many wonderful images, which so perfectly illustrate our school.

As with every web project, our website is a work in progress so if you see any issues, find any broken links or spelling mistakes please let us know. We will also continue to be adding new and relevant content to the site over time, so it will be a constant point of communication going forward.

Features you might want to use

For our current families we wanted to let you know that you can now:

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and worked so hard to get our website off the ground, and we hope you enjoy exploring the ISMS website.