Outdoor Learning Space

ISMS has commissioned Esther Dickins, a talented Landscape Architect, to design plans and project manage the installation of improvements to enhance the Balmain Stage 1 and 2 outdoor learning spaces. Subsequent to an initial meeting and site visit with the Executive Team a list of priorities and inclusions was drafted. A well attended and highly engaged staff group met to review and rank the priorities for submission and as a result, we’re excited about the recent delivery of draft plans.
Further details will be available soon for review and comment by key stakeholders and we look forward to presenting the outcome. All going well we hope to start work later this year.
The project will be largely funded by the effort of parents and volunteers contributing in many ways to the various fundraising events of the recent years – and for this we thank you! There’ll be scope to stage implementation and further enhance the spaces so we’re grateful to the teams who continue to volunteer to support these efforts.

We need a name!  

The outdoor spaces in question have been referred to as the Stage 1 playground but is of equal use to Stages 1 and 2 and occasionally Stage 3. So, we think the space deserves a new name, one we can start to talk about in the planning now and promote with the children. Your ideas are most welcome via email to [email protected]
We will keep you informed as the project proceeds.