Ancient Cultures Study

Collaborative and ‘big’ project work is a significant feature of the Stage 2 environment, beautifully depicted here by work undertaken this term by the students of Orana.

“During this term we studied ancient cultures. We divided into small groups and picked the culture we wanted to study. There was Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Indigenous Australians and The Vikings.

We completed research projects on the Fundamental Needs of these cultures. The fundamental needs are the things people need to survive like the material needs; food, shelter, defence, transport and clothing and the spiritual needs are things like music, art, literature and religion.

We were able to make objects to go with our projects from Chinese lanterns through to Viking longships. We also cooked food from Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

During week 9 we invited the parents and other primary classes into our room to look at our work. We liked showing our parents and friends our work and they enjoyed looking at what we had done. Hopefully everyone who visited learned something new about an ancient culture.”  Written by a Stage 2 child in Orana.