Property Search

We are on the look out for property.

I know that many of you are looking around for a house or an apartment that you can afford to buy or to secure, long term, for leasing. You will realise just how difficult in the inner city, is this mission.

I’m sure you will have some sympathy for our school as we try to find additional space to allow us to respond to demand for places. We have commissioned a buyers’ agent who has been identifying possibilities, for about three months. No luck so far. Many inspections have taken place, School Council has approved some property valuations and building inspections, and in one or two instances we have made offers. So far, all to no avail. Competition in the inner city is intense, as we all know, especially from residential development.

With each classroom being about 120sq mtres, our floor space requirements are considerable. Indoor and outdoor space are considerations. We are flexible but clearly our brief contains some fundamental expectations. At this stage our priority is to create additional opportunity for people to access a Montessori education for 0-12 year olds.

To follow, will be a different but equally challenging response to the need for an inner city Montessori (IB) High School. Meetings and planning continue with this project. Anyone who can assist with suggestions please contact me.

More news later.