Green Grads Fruit & Veggie Box

The 2021 Graduates at ISMS are thrilled to announce that from Term 3, families will be able to order a wonderfully fresh and healthy organic fruit and veggie box through school!

Eco-Farms will be our supplier, and all their produce is certified organic. The boxes will include staples such as potatoes, onions, pumpkins, apples, bananas, citrus etc as well as seasonal produce. The contents of the box will vary each fortnight; however, you can be sure that you will always find a wide variety of family friendly fruit and veg.

This initiative will be managed by the Graduates, who will be in charge of the marketing, ordering and distribution processes. The price for each box is $70 and families will be able to collect their box every second Friday at pick-up time. Furthermore, all profits will go to a charity.

We will share more information regarding the ordering process and payment method in the first week of Term 3. We cannot wait to provide you with delicious and healthy fruit and vegetables!