Spring Gardens

Thanks to Sam Laming and a number of our students, our gardens have been in full bloom this spring.

In the Stage 1 playground, we have an abundance of Lavender, Rosemary and Star Jasmine. In our native gardens, outside of Mithra and under the tree in the Diramu playground, many new natives have been planted to attract and support local wildlife. 

I am the largest zucchini ISMS has ever grown! I’m approximately 50cm long and weigh about 3.75kg which is around the size of a newborn baby. I have been quietly growing in the School garden down behind the back of the Anisa classroom. I have grown this big with the help of our very own ISMS worm tea and worm castings which we have made out of our recycled food waste from Nangkita. Eventually I will be turned into delicious zucchini fritters so please be gentle with me!

Zelda Zucchini