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There is no automatic right to transfer between Montessori schools but every attempt is made to offer a place to a transfer, subject to the enrolment criteria being met.

Children who have attended other comparable Montessori Preschools are also welcome to seek a transfer to ISMS for Stages 2 and 3. Their applications are subject to the same application prerequisites as listed within our policy and other considerations such as the desired balance of children in each class by age and sex.

ISMS also seeks to facilitate transfers for children moving from other Montessori schools, nationally or internationally, at any stage within the curriculum.

Evidence of enrolment at a comparable school is requested as proof of attendance and endorsement within the program.

“Montessori” is not trademarked so it is possible for any school or centre to include the word “Montessori” in their name. Most Montessori schools or centres aim to offer a quality Montessori program. However, a determination on comparability is at the discretion of ISMS.