Infant Community

Infant Community Parent education.

Parent education is an inherent component of the delivery of all Infant Community programs and much of the reason the community exists. 

However, particular topics warrant dedicated sessions. For this reason Infant Community Directors host a toileting workshop each term and often one other evening event covering a key topic.

Term 4, 2021

The Nest 

The Nest is a parent education service providing expectant parents with the knowledge, skills and support needed for raising a child.

We are offering a three-hour, one-to-one consultation.

In your session, we discuss the importance of movement, communicating with your baby, supporting attachment, how to set up a nursery, the early days of a newborn, and more.

Price: $380 per couple.
Where: Online
How to Apply: Apply Here


These one-to-one sessions can be for assistance in setting up the environment, discussing weaning, sleeping, toileting or behaviour challenges.
Price: Half-hour $50 / Full-hour $95
Where: Online
How to Apply: Apply Here

The Montessori 
Parenting Course

This is a five-week online course, commencing Friday 29 October, 9:30am – 11:00am (1.5hrs). 

The program is suitable for those new to Montessori or those who have been with us for sometime. It’s an opportunity to discover what the Montessori philosophy can offer you as a parent. It is also a venue to discuss with like minded parents the day to day challenges and different ways to approach them with new understanding.

Week 1: An introduction to Montessori philosophy.
Week 2: Wellbeing and Emotional Awareness 

  • The Child’s Natural Characteristics

  • The Deviations

  • The Development of the Will

  • Obedience

  • Freedom and Discipline

  • Mistakes and their corrections.                                                                               

Week 3: Setting up your home to cater for each stage of development 
Week 4: Language Development 
Week 5: Observation skills. 

Price: The course costs $150 per person and spaces are limited. 
When: Every Friday, starting Friday 29 October
Where: Online
How to Apply: Apply Here