Stages 1 – 3

Grandparents visiting a Montessori classroom.

Term 3, 2018

Stage 1 ‘Hands-on’ Evening

23rd August

This parent evening will run as close as possible to the normal running of the class, so you will be given the opportunity to interact with the environment as your child does each day.

Then everyone will have freedom to move around the environment choosing an activity that is of interest to them and exploring the aspects of that particular piece, before returning it to the shelf and making another selection. You may wish to follow the suggestions on your task card.

The task card will be individual for each parent, it will provide a list of suggestions that correspond with the activities your child is currently working on or will be working on in the near future.

During this period the staff will be moving around, giving assistance. The aim of the evening is to give you the opportunity to experience the environment as your child does each day. By familiarising yourself with the materials your child is using, far more than knowing what they are called. You can get a real close up and personal experience you can later share with your child.

Hope you can join us.

Held in your child’s classroom from 6:00pm on Thursday 23rd of August.

By direct invitation to current families.